Sunday, May 20, 2012

President of Timor Leste inauguration May 20, 2012

Taur Matan Ruak
Timor-Leste’s newly elected president Taur Matan Ruak has taken office as the nation celebrates 10 years since its restoration of independence. Ruak succeeds former president and Nobel laureate Jose Ramos-Horta.

President Taur Matan Ruak has urged the nation’s population to recognize that they face “sweat and hard work” to emerge from poverty and high unemployment.

Timorese from across the nation as well as dignitaries and Heads of State attended the inauguration ceremony, which took place at Taci Tolo, near Dili, on Saturday.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Heaven Natural World Behind East Timor

DIVE, whale watching action, tracking, cycling, enjoying the scenery a soothing eye and mind, is the charming things are not much highlighted from Timor Leste
The natural beauty of East Timor or Timor Leste is not much exposed to the audience. Behind the political image of the not so tasty, Timor Leste save a lot of reasons to be selected as a tourist destination.
The number of tourists is still low compared to other regions, it is the main attraction for those who want to enjoy the tranquility.

Before you actually get ready to record Timor Leste as a holiday destination on the agenda, you should first know interesting things that you can find in a country that not long stand this. As noted CNNGo.

Experience spectacular diving

Seeing the way of small sharks and tuna fish directly, or turtles, fish, mackerel and barracuda, all you can do when diving along the hill on the coast near the flooded area Tibar.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Typical drinks Timor Leste "Coffee"

Coffee Timor Leste

Enjoy Coffee Flavor Typical of East Timor, ... Only in "Good Taste" Undoubtedly taste and smell of coffee will make you more through the activities Relax in your day.

East Timor, in addition to having distinctive cuisine, there are also coffee as a beverage Typical of East Timor. Although coffee plants did not originally come from East Timor but the people of Timor Leste, in particular Ermera Society (One District in East Timor) has made ​​hosts of coffee as a beverage and drinks for breakfast or just to accompany snack in the afternoon. In the family I within 1 day we usually eat or drink 5 cups of coffee or 5 times. Namely: 1 cup at six o'clock in the morning after waking, 1 cup at 8 o'clock at breakfast time, 1 cup at 10 to accompany snacking while waiting for lunch, 1 cup at 4 in the afternoon to accompany the family togetherness and 1 cup at 6 to wait for dinner. And it was a habit and a necessity and there is no compromise to it. Coffe is a One of Ermera, Ermera city is his hometown of East Timor Coffee

Typical Food East Timor

East Timor is very unique in terms of culinary, a lot of outside influences received by this new country, especially from Portugal, Indonesia, China and the Arab world that add rich cuisine

When talking about food in East Timor can not be separated with Portuguese food. State ex Portuguese colony to adopt a lot of recipes and how to cook in her foods. Mina Azeite (Olive Oil) is used almost in every cuisine of East Timor, also vinho or red wine.

One of the important dishes are usually served when a party is Caldeirada (Kaldeirada) that stew made ​​of mutton or beef seasoned with tomatoes, red peppers large, salt, pepper, vinegar and beer are usually combined with potatoes and carrots, apart from kalderada can also made ​​with white fish or seafood. There are also so-called Carne Asada.


Dance will be hosted by us, students of East Timor who are undergoing the period of study in Yogyakarta, a Traditional Dance of Timor Leste that is better known as HO DAHUR Tebe Tebe, as our appreciation of the culture and traditional music of East Timor, which we think should continue to be preserved.
Dance Tebe "Tebe this Dahur Ho brought on the day" such an important day, when Harvest, Ceremony, as well as receiving guests (Guest Welcoming). This dance also reflects a great happiness. Feeling of happiness as it gets guests, or also feel happy because the harvest is good and satisfactory.
In a dance that lasted ± 14 min and performed by 19 dancers and 6 musicians, we use clothing and accessories "traditional accessories of the 13 districts in Timor Leste, which reflects our unity as a nation are intact and sturdy.

It is important for all the people to create stability on May 20

Timornewsline, May 20, 2011

Dili, Timornewsline- A resident of Dili, Joao, said it is important to call on all the people to create unity and stability during the Celebration of the Restoration of the Independence Day on May 20. Joao said it is important for the politicians not to create problems this year, and they should give their hands to create unity in order to contribute the celebration of a historical and very special day for the people of Timor-Leste. Joao made the statements on May 17 regarding the celebration of the Independence Day that will happen on May 20. A student from the National University, Francisco Borges, said it is important for all people to remind themselves of the sacrifices of the national heroes for the liberation of this country, adding that people should not create conflicts again.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


By John Bartlett
A group of us are sitting on a ridge by a camp fire looking across a valley. The sun is setting behind the highest mountain in East Timor, Mt Tatamailau in the Ramelau Mountains. People and ponies are walking by our camp fire on their way home from the Ainaro market some four hours away, down south in the valley.
Next day as we walk along some of the tracks in the area I realise that these are just a small part of an amazing network. Because there are very few good roads and vehicles in East Timor, the tracks are essential to link the communities. Walking the tracks you meet many people and their ponies taking produce to market.
What a beautiful, rugged country this is, blessed with welcoming sociable people, a mild climate, very few cars on the roads and a network of walking tracks.
It's a trekkers' paradise! (And never once during the eight weeks of researching these treks in remote areas have I felt insecure or threatened.)

Trekking and the Timorese
The hill tribes in the remote mountain regions are mostly subsistence farmers. Because of cloud rain they are able to grow crops year round and produce a reasonable food supply. However transport costs are very high as roads are poor and few, so they must sell most of their produce locally. This means that very few dollars come into the district, leaving little or no money for school books and fees, purchasing medicines, tools or other necessary supplies.
As a visitor trekking in Timor, whether you are in the mountains, Oecussi enclave or on Atauro Island you will need to hire a guide and buy accommodation and food. This greatly assists in rebuilding the local economy.